Friday, September 12, 2008

fun in Loreto

This was another HOT day in Mexico...we ended up going in and out of stores that had AC just to cool off. Wayne bought a hat, I found some mangoes and then it was back to the boat.
We are now off to Santa Rosalia...

Loreto for the day

Loreto, to me seems like a mini La Paz. These seats around the trees looked cute...but the frames were made of iron....iron and tropical sun = burnt legs...see my toes on the ground! AGHHH

More from La Ramada

Beautiful sunset...but the clouds brought the threat of we left to go back to Puerto harbor...the storm turned out to be just some rain and left us with muggy, humid and buggy weather....we could have been in New Jersey in the summer!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

anchorage at ramada

We decided to head up the coast with some friends and ended up at La Ramada. the snorkling and spearfishing were great!!! Lobster, fish, clams every night! We had a beach party with our friends ....bocci ball and a cook out on the beach. A beautiful 3 days in a small anchorage...we somehow did manage to fit in 3 cats, 1 tri, a monohull and a tugboat !

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We are now in Puerto Escondido...hidden port

After leaving the fleet we sailed to several anchorages...alone again. We ended up in Puerto Escondido, rather empty of people but we managed to find Terry and Monte who informed us of the Trailer Park...Tripui...actually, hotel, restaurant, pool, and most important....internet and AC! We ended up having lunch and cooling off before the long hot walk back to the boat. The mountains behind the anchorage are amazing...We want to hike up to Stienbeck canyon but the heat is just too much...maybe for another time of the year.

Today we are off to Loreto.

Meeting the fleet in Agua Verde

After leaving Agua Verde we ran smack into the middle of a multihull armada! turns out we knew all the other boats! Terry on Manta, Scott and Cindy on Beach House, Monte on Heavenly Star and Henry and JJ on Rapscallion. Who would have guessed! 4 Cats and a Tri. We quickly changed our plans and joined the fleet...we motored about 1/3 mile with them to a cove right outside of Agua Verde! We all spent the day snorkling or scuba diving . Dinner was on Capricorn Cat...fresh scallops, salad and REAL cookies!

Capt and his catch of the day!

Every few days the Capt would try his luck at spear fishing...he has been very successful! Maybe fish are not afraid of his blue suit? Which is VERY SF by the way! Sue and Liza would be very proud of him!

Agua Verde anchorage

Very suprising to me that we were the only boat in every anchorage. Lots of space to "park" the boat. We just love jumping overboard and swimming first thing every morning and whenever we need to cool off...which seems like every 10 minutes!

You don't know what HOT is until you have a 2 ltr plastic bottle explode in your main cabin! This happened to us two different times and scared the #&%@&& out of us each time! We thought we hit a boat or someone shot at us or we broke something the rigging snapped in half! Luckily, it was a bottle of club soda and not Pepsi... still a mess but not sticky!

these guys helped us find our way out of La Paz

Twenty five miles outside of La Paz we came across about 1000 dolphins! How amazing to be surrounded by these fun loving animals! they stayed with us for about 1/2 hour and went on their merry way...looking for food!