Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Best crew ever....they're ours !

Bob is still smiling after spending 3 weeks with us and helping the Capt with greasy grimy messy boat projects~~~ Dorene is still smiling after spending 3 weeks with us and helping me cook, clean and keep our guys happy~~~~
Is it the wine? good company? they are on a Catamaran? maybe because they are not on their boat so they don't have to think about their bottom paint, inverters, rudder, pumps and rigging. Whatever it is, we were glad to have them aboard and are sad that they had to leave to go back home to work on their rentals. Good news is that they will be joining us again from Cabo to PV. I'm sure the Capt can find some more projects for Bob and Dorene and I can start cooking up exotic dishes again.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Once again working on the boat

Wayne and Brad work on the sail drives....they love it Cap Cat on the hard.....3rd time in less than 12 months....we get a medal for that???

A day in Avalon

We took a walk up into the hills in search of Zane Grey's home and found this lovely view...Cap Cat is down there somewhere..we did find his house but it smelled like he was buried there...nice view though Of course there are the NO signs...we ignored them...
The Jazz festival was going on and we found this Jazzy pelican on one of the side streets...cool man!

Catalina and the Pirates

Stupid me forgot my camera....so all I have is these lame pictures...at night we saw all the crazy people dressed as Pirates. We made it till 9 pm and then headed back to the boat...you can only drink and say "RRRRRRRRRR" for so long. It was a beautiful 2 days~~ warm and sunny...are we in Mexico?

We made it to Ventura

Heather and Jim on Meerkat....our bestest friends from La Paz and my blog mentor met us at the Marina in Ventura....check on facebook for her crazy pictures of us at dinner. So great to see their smilling faces and catch up with stories.

Almost to Catalina

Capt takes a break and begins to read his Spanish slang book....what's the word for lazy??? We actually put the bumblebee chute up for a bit of downwind sailing.

Bob sets the sails and we are getting closer to Catalina.

On the Way to San Diego...

Dorene decides to become Groucho Marx for the night.... a cold but beautiful sunset~~at least the fog was gone.

Trip from San Francisco to San Diego

Bob and Dorene decide to come with us from SF to San Diego..are they brave or what? We say good bye to Baby Jackson...see you in 60 some days...

Fog under the GGB...not fun...good thing we could hear the fog horns because we could only see about 20 feet in front of the boat!