Monday, February 9, 2009

Our trip to Arroyo Verde

On Sunday, Lupe and Jr of Moon and Stars..boat is now for sale...invited the crew of Capricorn Cat (along with 20 other friends) to their Ranchito in Bucerias. The place is under construction but you could barely notice since the focal points of gardens and pool gave a feeling of finished work. Lupe is the designer, architect and grand master of the complex...what an amazing, fun loving, take charge and vivacious woman. You can't help but have fun around her and JR too. Moon and to us in La Cruz Marina. It is hard to miss this boat!
They have decided to sell the boat, move into their new place and travel in their motorhome. Wonder if they need some viejos to join them ????

Lynne, Gary and I relax, Wayne and JR...El Gringo...Lupe's other half, yack it up motors? women?

The art work that
Lupe has collected
over the years runs
from playful to
serious. We liked
these two....
reminds uf of our

Arroyo Verde

Eventually, there will be a jogging path around the you can jog in the heat is another problem...maybe end up in the pool?
I love this sitting area...very cool and calm.

Arroyo Verde in Bucerias

These photos will not show the true grandure of their new home and development but hopefully, you will use your imagination. Apparently, the first thing she built on the property was the pool, outdoor eating area and banos/showers. The pool is olympic size with a ramada in the middle.
Pool is always at 90 degrees...nice and comfortable so you can stay in all day!

Next thing she did was develop the many gardens so that by the time the house was built the place would be established and have a finished look. There are probably some 20 different garden area with walkways, sitting areas, lounging and eating places...Every where you look the eye is taken with a visual delight.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Gary and Lynn's visit

Gary and Lynn, our buddies from Brisbane, have been with us for the past week. They are great to have on the boat...they pitch in with boat chores, help the Capt with his list of never ending boat problems and Lynn helps with her creative cooking . They are easy guests to have on the boat as they go along with the "plan" that is always in flux.

Whales in the Bay

We have seen quite a few whales on our sails around the bay...some close to the boat and others off in the distance. Last night we were anchored off the Marina in La Cruz and we heard the whales "talking". Apparently they are in the anchorage! Hope they don't become tangled in the anchor lines of all the boats!

New Look for Capricorn Cat

We decided to give Capricorn Cat a new look... stripes on the hulls give us a sleeker look . New stack pack and our name on the everyone can see us....hope that is a good thing!
New lazy jacks and a new lines all over the place..All this should make it easier to put the main sail up and take it down.