Saturday, June 6, 2009

Last sunset in La Paz..last posting until San Diego

One more beautiful La Paz sunset...just for us. See you all in July....

Eric the Great arrives

Eric arrives and the Capt give him a "fun "job of taking apart the broken head pump and clogged lines.....doesn't the boy look happy????
" Hey, Cat Paw, You told me this was going to be a sailing trip not a plumbing trip!"

Peace out ,'s all good. Soon we will be wearing those long jackets and missing the heat of La Paz.

Good bye Guaymas

Horacio and Arriana our friends at Singlar, Guaymas, celebrate their birthdays with a bbq for everyone. That cake was delicious! It was then off across the Sea on our way to La Paz to meet up with our friends, Heather and Jim ,on Meerkat.
Wouldn't you know it...calm seas but the wind blowing from the South...just the direction we want to go for the next 5 days!
So what were the highlights of the 5 days...
almost bumping into several pods of HUGE whales
dolphins riding our motoring bows
marlin jumping out of the water several times right behind the boat
tons of flying fish
coolish water for swimming and snorkeling
red rocks in Los Gatos
beautiful anchorages
waking up at dawn to see the sunrise
prices in La Paz ...higher than Guaymas
101 degrees in Marina de La Paz