Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year !!!

Happy New Year to one and all !

New Year's Eve preview

As you can see we are ready to party and it is only 10 a.m. We are off to a party tonight with our good friends, Sue and Liza in Brisbane. Last week we went shopping for clothes....W found this tux in a vintage clothing store and I found a dress on sale in Capitola. The shirt W is wearing is full of little you know how hard it was to find something to go with that shirt?? Oh, yeah, his bow tie also blinks red and green lights! We are ready to party!
More picts tomorrow of the whole gang.

Christmas in Boulder Creek

We had Christmas at Jenna and Shane's this year. The Bambino was all dressed up in his vest, white little man shirt and red pants!

Special gift .....our other "son", Steven, brought Jack down from the city and stayed for dinner. Steven is living in Santa Cruz now...if you need your motorcycle worked on, he is the guy. Certified Motorcycle mechanic and one heck of a nice guy. He likes to get into the Spirit of the Holidays.

The wonderful to have everyone together...wish it could be all the time.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Tenderloin Christmas Hustler

We went to see this play last night with friends Tina, Ken, son Jack and Shawna. Jack and Shawna work with some of the actors at Ducca. As you can imagine from the playbill...the play (which is a musical) puts gleeful, raunchy spin on some familiar holiday themes. The theater only holds 45 people so we had perfect seats! We give it 4 stars to enlightened people. Very funny.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Brisbane's town Christmas tree...We are known as the City of Stars but this year I don't see many stars on the homes. The tree in the park was pretty though.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jackson's first snow

Not sure how much he liked it or even understood what the heck was going on but Jenna and I had fun.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

I can't believe it....snow in Boulder Creek! I need my mittens and boots. good thing jenn's truck has 4 wheel drive!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa Pub crawl...only in SF ...NOT

I kept seeing people dressed up as Santa, hanging out at bars and cruzin' from downtown to the Castro. What's up? Jack said it was the Santa Pub crawl....guess I should Google it. Well, I did and guess what..This crawl takes place all over the USA..people raising $ for local charities. In SF they sure were having fun!

A visit to San Francisco with #1son

Today I went up to SF to visit with Jack and his gal Shawna. They are such a cute couple. He is a chef at Ducca at the Westin on 3rd and Market St and Shawna is working there also as a server. She is a teacher by training and will hopefully, have a job in the fall at a school teaching history.
We went to the Castro theater to see Milk with Sean Penn. I remember the day that Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone were killed by Dan White...remember the "twinkie " defense? Very good movie, I give it 4 stars.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

He will hate this in about 10 years!

Having little kids at Christmas is can dress them up in ridiculous outfits and they go along with the program.

Jackson's first Christmas tree

I've been back a week and everyday seems busy...I need a day book to keep track of where I have to be at any given time...I'm not used to that!
Jenna, Shane, Andrew, the Bambino and I went up to Crest Ranch in Bonny Doon to pick out the perfect tree....It was cold and windy so we made a quick decision and headed home for hot chocolate and some heat!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Holidays

Well, I'm home now and for the next 2 months Jackson will probably dominate my Blog....sorry....not really!


Friday, December 5, 2008

the Punta Mita Surf and Yacht Club

We all joined the Punta Mita Surf and Yacht club ...again. Here is Laura of Cap Cat and the new Commodore, Heather, giving her the paddle ...all in good fun. We each had to sport new facial hair, drink some kind of "special" brew, dance till 1 am and then be ready to surf the next morning. Oh, yeah, then we had to sail down to La Cruz ....somewhere in this crazy Bash there is sailing.

Party on Profligate

Can you find the crew of Cap Cat???? Here is a hint...we are wearing purple hats. This was the kick off party on Profligate for the Bandaras Bay Bash...this is not a race just a fun time to raise some money for the local schools.

Food glorious food!

This is my 3rd Dorado....really....the other 2 jumped the hook. Where is the gaft when you need it????

Laura and Eric took over cooking duties on Thanksgiving and made us what Eric calls the "Irish heart attack " breakfast. Sure was yummy!
One of the local fishermen gave us this Sierra for dinner...we actually like it better than Dorado.

Baby Boobies and Mom

You just gotta love these fuzzy babies. We saw every stage from egg to almost flying but thought these were the best...fluff balls. We have to find out when the feet turn blue, sure can't be from the water temp as it was about 82 degrees.

Boobie goes home for Thanksgiving

This boobie bird left Mazatlan with us...I think she had the hots for our Flamingo...and stayed put all night long. We guess he was going home for a traditional fish dinner on thanksgiving day.

We finally find a place to haul the Cap Cat

We like this place in and not too bad on the $. We had to haul to replace the zincs and fix a leak in a sail drive. No time to paint...we were on a schedule. So, 2 1/2 hours later we were on our way to Isla Isabela.

Crrazy crew

The Capt wanted to see what his hair would look like with waves. Laura decided to throw her wallet into the sea....then freak out and jump over board ....luckily it didn't sink...Mexican money is waterproof so "not a problem".

Deer island sunset

We decided to leave the marina and anchor for free at Deer Island. Here is another of those wonderful sunsets in Mazatlan.

Monday, November 24, 2008

We met some friends of Blair and Joan...pervious owners of CC. They heard us on the radio asking questions and came by to tell us how much fun they had with this boat and the previous owners. Are we the only people who have not sailed with B & J?
They took us to a cool restaurant...with a view of the surfing area ! We didn't see any Brujas but lots of cruisers having the best breafast this side of Peters in Millbrae.
Lee and Lin...Lee is the wife. Wonderful people who are currently living in a condo at Marina Mazatlan while their boat dries out up in San Carlos Seca.

Gearing up for the next sail

We have another new crew member...Lovely Laura...what is it with blonds on this boat???
Hard to stretch food for 2 into 4 we go !! Eric driving...he the Mega super mercado.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Boat Grannie..where are you?

Where are you and when are you coming home? I want to show you my new tooth!

My baby and The Bambino

Only 11 more days till I can hold The Bambino ! Skyping is wonderful but just not the same as up close and personal.

Our late night out at the Opera

We must be turning into Mazatlanias...we don't leave the boat until dark, eat a late meal and arrive home at ...1 am....whoa....way past our bedtime!
Eric's Opera comment...."I want to get to know that cute gal in the orchestra playing the 1st violin"
Wayne's comment......"I like to go to the Opera very 65 years"
Carol's comment...."Never eat a big meal before sitting in a stuffy room"
Actually, we had a great time even though we had to wear long pants (dress for me) and I had to keep an eye on the boys and remind them of their swearing!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The crew finds culture

Tonight we are going to see "El Barbero de Sevilla" at the Instituto Municipal de Cultura in the historical section of town. "Bout time we get some culture! The Opera will be in Italian with ..on a screen above the stage...a Spanish translation. Interesting!
We thought we remembered what the opera was all about but to be sure we went on line and watched UTube version with Woody Woodpecker. hmmmm.

After the "tour" we ended up in the historical section and had a sip of the bubbly. Eric looks like Santa so a bunch of teenagers came up to him and asked if they could speak to him in their limited English...part of a school homework assignment. Soon he had them laughting, especially when he tried to speak Spanish.
This little girl was sitting next to us at the table and we paid some crazy balloon guy to make a bunch of animal balloons for her. She went away a big :> )

Back in Mazatlan

Our trip to Mazatlan was easy and breezy. We are in the Singlar Marina...nice but it can't beat Guaymas Singlar. We hired a taxi and took a tour of the city. Mazatlan has lots of high peaks with wonderful views. This view is looking towards our Marina...behind Eric's head.
Pict on the top is one of the fountains along the Malecon. Very few tourists in town as the cruise ships had just left for PV.

Eric the Great

Eric the Great is our newest crew member. He came down on the Ha Ha with some friends and wanted to do a bit more traveling. We wanted to have extra crew to help with the night crossing from La Paz to Mazatlan and then down to Puerto Vallarta. The match was perfect...he laughs at our jokes, eats what ever I cook and can follow the Captain's orders.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy hour in MarinaLa Paz

Heather and Ruth came by to say Adios to us on our last day here in La Paz Marina. We will be leaving here Monday for Mazatlan and eventaully Puerto Vallarta. We all have been going to Yoga in the morning and playing at night. Wayne opened up the bottle of $33.00 wine he accidently bought ....might as well drink with with our friends! And that is Sonoma Cheese! so yummy!