Monday, November 24, 2008

We met some friends of Blair and Joan...pervious owners of CC. They heard us on the radio asking questions and came by to tell us how much fun they had with this boat and the previous owners. Are we the only people who have not sailed with B & J?
They took us to a cool restaurant...with a view of the surfing area ! We didn't see any Brujas but lots of cruisers having the best breafast this side of Peters in Millbrae.
Lee and Lin...Lee is the wife. Wonderful people who are currently living in a condo at Marina Mazatlan while their boat dries out up in San Carlos Seca.

Gearing up for the next sail

We have another new crew member...Lovely Laura...what is it with blonds on this boat???
Hard to stretch food for 2 into 4 we go !! Eric driving...he the Mega super mercado.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Boat Grannie..where are you?

Where are you and when are you coming home? I want to show you my new tooth!

My baby and The Bambino

Only 11 more days till I can hold The Bambino ! Skyping is wonderful but just not the same as up close and personal.

Our late night out at the Opera

We must be turning into Mazatlanias...we don't leave the boat until dark, eat a late meal and arrive home at ...1 am....whoa....way past our bedtime!
Eric's Opera comment...."I want to get to know that cute gal in the orchestra playing the 1st violin"
Wayne's comment......"I like to go to the Opera very 65 years"
Carol's comment...."Never eat a big meal before sitting in a stuffy room"
Actually, we had a great time even though we had to wear long pants (dress for me) and I had to keep an eye on the boys and remind them of their swearing!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The crew finds culture

Tonight we are going to see "El Barbero de Sevilla" at the Instituto Municipal de Cultura in the historical section of town. "Bout time we get some culture! The Opera will be in Italian with ..on a screen above the stage...a Spanish translation. Interesting!
We thought we remembered what the opera was all about but to be sure we went on line and watched UTube version with Woody Woodpecker. hmmmm.

After the "tour" we ended up in the historical section and had a sip of the bubbly. Eric looks like Santa so a bunch of teenagers came up to him and asked if they could speak to him in their limited English...part of a school homework assignment. Soon he had them laughting, especially when he tried to speak Spanish.
This little girl was sitting next to us at the table and we paid some crazy balloon guy to make a bunch of animal balloons for her. She went away a big :> )

Back in Mazatlan

Our trip to Mazatlan was easy and breezy. We are in the Singlar Marina...nice but it can't beat Guaymas Singlar. We hired a taxi and took a tour of the city. Mazatlan has lots of high peaks with wonderful views. This view is looking towards our Marina...behind Eric's head.
Pict on the top is one of the fountains along the Malecon. Very few tourists in town as the cruise ships had just left for PV.

Eric the Great

Eric the Great is our newest crew member. He came down on the Ha Ha with some friends and wanted to do a bit more traveling. We wanted to have extra crew to help with the night crossing from La Paz to Mazatlan and then down to Puerto Vallarta. The match was perfect...he laughs at our jokes, eats what ever I cook and can follow the Captain's orders.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy hour in MarinaLa Paz

Heather and Ruth came by to say Adios to us on our last day here in La Paz Marina. We will be leaving here Monday for Mazatlan and eventaully Puerto Vallarta. We all have been going to Yoga in the morning and playing at night. Wayne opened up the bottle of $33.00 wine he accidently bought ....might as well drink with with our friends! And that is Sonoma Cheese! so yummy!

Heather and Jim...our best buds in La Paz

We arrived in La Paz marina last Wed and who should be at the dock to help tie us up but our best buds...Heather and Jim from Meerkat. They have been helping boats tie up at the fuel dock for the past few weeks...currents and winds make it quite tricky . Sure was great to see their happy faces.

Friday, November 14, 2008

dolphins going wild!

The Dolphins are winning!

Heading south, we came across a pod of some 500 dolphins....naturally we had to change direction and cruise with them. They are so much fun to watch..we had some 15 to 20 stay with us for about 20 minutes and then in a FLASH they dove down and took off!

Good bye Jeff and Deborah

We had a beautiful sunset and said good bye to Jeff and Deborah.
Unfortunately, the trailer up in Guaymas to haul Cap Cat was not going to be finsihed for another 2 weeks so we had to head South towards PV area so I could make my plane reservation by Dec 1st.

Playing with Deborah and Jeff in Escondido

these scallops were delicious...called Lions Paws...all I see is the scallop!

more fun with Jeff and Deborah in Escondido area

Jeff and Deborah are the best boat guests you can imagine....they help without being asked, are ready for any sill adventure and don't mind hanging out with us ol' folks! We were crazy Pirates for Halloween, went scuba diving and hiking all over the Escondido area.

Hike up Steinbeck Canyon

One day when the weather was only about 85 we gathered some friends and took a hike up Steinbeck Canyon. What a beautiful place...the pictures do not do it justice. Boulder hopping up a dry stream bed, steep canyon walls, peaceful clear streams of water and cooling pools to jump in and swim. We only made it about 1/4 of the way up as to take the full hike we would have needed some rock climbing tools.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Jeff catches a fish

On the way down to Little Candeleros Jeff snagged a bad it was one that is not good eating.

Back in Escondido

Our friends, Jeff and Deborah arrived in Loreto on the 28th. We promptly took them snorkeling and scuba diving. Our friend, Terry, caught these great fish which Wayne cleaned...he just loves cleaning fish!..
On Halloween, we went to a boring party at the fuel dock ...way too much talking about boats for me so we put on dancing music and had some fun dancing away the our feet hurt!
If you can't tell from the picture..we were Pirates...from San Francisco...more ghetto than pirate.