Friday, November 13, 2009

Mazatlan anchorage

Picture of our anchorage in Mazatlan....middle island. Another sunny, warm day in the town that was "officially " founded in 1591 by Nuno de Guzman....not to mention the natives that had lived here in pre-Hispanic times.
We are off to Old Town in a few hours...before the heat and humidity become unbearable.


Quin said...

Hello, I'm starting to build the sistership to Capricorn Cat. Any suggestions for changes to the design?
Paul Melanson.

Quin said...

Hello Capricorn Cat, still looking for a contact e-mail. Love to talk about the boat, already ordered the epoxy and materials to build my own cap cat. Please e-mail me if possible, I'd love to ask some questions.
Paul Melanson

jomamma said...

OK, so it's been 6 mos. Has that grandbaby started driving yet?